Incontience care
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S unkisscare is an adult and baby hygiene products manufacturer.

We are passionate on technology and safety and contributing to the life and
well being of hundreds of millions of babies,elders and senior citizens around
the world.

HACCP Management
Traceable/Re-call system
OEM customer worldwide
Metal Test for final product


  • Hey,I'm from France,I focus on the field of incontinence care bussiness over 20 years,first I only trust EU,US or JAPAN factory,because they have health law and industry standards,the safe and the test is the top secret of my business.But when I visit China and participate an international incontinence exhibition in SHENZHEN China,I met Mr Fan from SUNKISSCARE,I listened to his introduction and be invited to visit their factory,it surprised me,their product line and test process ever better than Japan.
  • I'm a business mom in Canada,and I treat my baby as my angel.I choose my baby care products with my own high standards,at first I choose US or Japan brand.But I find sunkisscare through my Chinese friend in occasion,and I tested this diaper with doubt,finally I accept this product and I even I persuade my friends to use it.It's a surprise China can make better care products.In advance I consider take it as part of my business.

  •     Sunkisscare product is very absorbent, soft, and can work for long day time or night use.. The tapes are strong so the diaper won't stretch or sag excessively when the it gets heavy, or is used overnight.People like it,we order month by month from them,and their salse manager Mr Fan service so fast,even midnight he will reply the mail if he is beside computer.

  •     I'm a distributor from Russia.These incontinence pad are simply in absorbency while sitting. There is no other brief that wicks as fast, or as evenly as these briefs do. From a sitting position, even in a hard chair, these will quickly spread the fluid throughout the diaper front to back. I have never found an absorbent product that uses the front and back equally, from any position.



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