99% of new parents don’t know how fluorescence hurt baby badly

shelf life of the diaper
Pay attention to the shelf life of the diaper
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99% of new parents don’t know how fluorescence hurt baby badly



What is hidden in the baby diaper?

Why did the blue light appear under the illumination of the light? Have you seen such a situation?


In fact, this blue light is very common in our lives, the fluorescence we often say in our mouth.

However, do you know the harm it brings to you?

In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, everyone has paid more and more attention to health issues, and the fluorescence phenomenon of sanitary products has attracted the attention of consumers.

1. What is a fluorescent?

Fluorescent agent, also known as fluorescent whitening agent, is a fluorescent dye, or white dye, which is a complex organic compound. It is characterized by the fact that the substance seen by the naked eye is very white and achieves a whitening effect. Fluorescent whitening agents are widely used in the paper industry because of their ability to significantly increase the whiteness of paper.

2. Migratory fluorescer hazard

There are two kinds of fluorescers, one is non-migratory fluorescer, which is characterized by high cost, insoluble in water, does not migrate to human skin, and is less likely to enter the human body. It can be used for whitening of chemical fiber, clothing, plastics, etc. It is not harmful to the human body; the other is a migratory fluorescent agent, which is characterized by low cost and can be used for whitening of paper, paint, washing powder and cotton fabric. Such fluorescent whitening agent can migrate to human skin. It is absorbed into the human body and causes harm.

Fluorescent agents are not easily decomposed and accumulate in the human body, which can cause many harmful effects, such as affecting human immunity, causing cell abnormalities and potentially carcinogenic consequences.

Although fluorescers can have adverse effects on the human body, many diaper manufacturers will choose to add fluorescers for the whitening effect of the product. Therefore, how to avoid such hazards, how to purchase reliable diapers and other issues, is a big problem for the average consumer. Next, Xiaobian will provide you with a few points for your reference.

What are the details we should take care when we buying diapers?

First, the permeability

In order to be both breathable and not to allow extravasation of the urine, in addition to the design to have a good cut, the selection and composition of the material also has certain factors. At present, most of the brand diaper surface is made of non-woven fabric as the main raw material, plus a PE film to prevent reverse osmosis. The key to the breathability of diapers is to look at the quality of the nonwoven fabric in the base film. Reliable adult diapers with highly breathable materials

Second, water absorption

How do different brands of diapers know the difference in their water absorption? Let’s do a test at home. Pour the same amount of water into the diapers of different brands. After the water is absorbed, put a dry paper towel on it and take a look at the difference. A double-layered cotton core design is generally used, and a diaper to which high-molecular water-absorbent particles are added has high absorbency and has a good fixing effect on the core.

Third, touch

Touch the whole piece of diaper and feel the difference between the underlying layer, the base film, the waistline, the side guard, and the Velcro. You can also feel the comfort of the diaper on the back or face.

Fourth, take a look

Pay attention to whether the logo on the package is standardized. Whether there is a standard number, implementation of the health standard number, production license number, etc., but also pay attention to the size and model of the diaper, production date and shelf life.

Five, smell

Diapers use a variety of raw materials and auxiliary materials in the production process, such as adhesives, pulp, elastic threads and so on. If the smell is not good or even has a very irritating odor, it means using inferior materials, don’t buy it.

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