Adult Incontinence: 4 Tips on How to Help Those With Control Issues

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Adult Incontinence: 4 Tips on How to Help Those With Control Issues

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adult diaper plus

Age is not always a factor with adult incontinence. It can happen to any adult at any age for one of several reasons including infection, medication, childbirth, and an illness. Even the common cough can cause a woman to experience temporary urinary incontinence. In fact, studies show that over half of adult women and more than a fourth of adult men experience urinary incontinence. Fecal incontinence, on the other hand, usually happens to adults over 65 years of age. Fecal incontinence is not just an issue of aging but can also be a result of nerve damage, stress, rectal prolapsed, muscle weakness, sensitive stomach, or hemorrhoids.

Interestingly, based on a study by the U.S. Census Bureau there are now over 75 million adults aged 51 to 69 but Gen X adults (aged 35 to 50) is expected to reach almost 66 million by 2018. The adult market is tremendous and many of these adults will eventually have to face adult incontinence.

Incontinence is not a friendly topic. It is embarrassing to admit, scary to think about, and dreaded by many. However it does not have to be this way at all. There are ways to help anyone at any age handle the “leakage” issues with grace and fearlessness.

    Tip #1 Offer Different Options

The range of products for those with leakage and incontinence issues is quite extensive. There are products that can be used for short periods of time or for long hours like overnight pads. The pads are also designed to fit either the male or female form. You can also have extra padding options or booster pads for that added confidence that no accidents will take place.

    Tip #2 Choose Quality over Price

The biggest fear of any adult facing the prospect of wearing protection against leaks is accidents. This fear is closely followed by another fear – that of admitting to wearing protection. Both these fears hinge on one factor: the need to be confident about the product they are using. Not only is it important to invest in quality products, it is also critical to get the right product based on individual needs and comfort levels. You can also convince them to wear the protection because “no one will know you have protection, but they will know if you have an accident.”

    Tip #3 Offer Online Shopping

It’s embarrassing to visit a pharmacy or grocery to buy adult diapers especially when you are at the check-out counter and run into friends. To protect the reputation and keep all intimate changes confidential, offer the online option. Buy the adult diapers and padded underwear online.

    Tip #4 Shop for clothing that would mask the new protection

There are clothing designed to make it easier for adults wearing protection to use public or guest bathrooms with minimum fuss. For instance, pants with snaps instead of buttons or zippers or side opening instead of front opening.

Finally, before leaving the house, always encourage a bathroom visit. You can also make sure that there is quick and easy access to a bathroom especially during the first weeks of using protection. More than anything else, it is a reassurance that will make the person with adult incontinence feel more comfortable until the time he or she is able to adjust to and trust the idea of protection.

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