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Do you run a chain pharmacy? Are you into incontinence products? Are you unsatisfied with the services of your current incontinence product supplier(s)? Then, herein is the best place to be at the moment!

As a member of a chain pharmacy, it is quite imperative to diversify – to create many options of suppliers. Known already right? Well, I thought as much too. Albeit, in this article, I would be giving with practical examples, 3 important ways of choosing a better incontinence products supplier. Just 3!

Before we move any further, just for revisions, and to get absolutely sure that this article is meant for you, just below are a few examples of incontinence products;

  • Pads and Protective Garments; e.g. plastic pants, absorbent pants, etc.

Now, having confirmed your eligibility to read further with a perceived sense of proper understanding, lets delve right into it!

3 Ways on How to Choose A Better Incontinence Product Supplier

  1. Demand

Following the ethics of business in general, this should be the first factor to consider when deciding which supplier to engage for your incontinence products. As you would agree with me, you wouldn’t want to stock your pharmacy with products that people, customers aren’t seeking. Hence, the need to carry out intense market research, in other to understand the basis on which the market system works.

The importance of understanding the demand scheme of a product before venturing into it can never be over-flogged!

Relating to this, for your incontinence product, you need to chose a supplier who supplies you with products whose demands are pretty high. Albeit, the demand of, say a diaper would definitely be high is such diaper is primarily serving its purpose effectively, and is widely  next bullet point.


This factor, and the afore mentioned factor, are slightly related to one another. How?

Products with the best quality are usually characterized with high demands – all things being equal. So, as a chain pharmacy concerned with the need of getting a better incontinence product supplier, it is quite important to be on the look out for suppliers who provide you with products which have the best quality. Products whose make is topnotch, and can as well be recommended to another (this way, the demand also increases – you see the correlation, right?). It as well depends on the life span of the product(s). You know, an incontinence product can either be for short periods, or a long period of time. Some adult diapers are also more like an overnight pad; there are a few for babies too.

Because, for a very sensitive issue like Incontinence, quality is key. Say in case of a product like catheter, where anything lesser than quality is produced can lead to a life time embarrassment which might not be forgivable. Hence, how a product – say diapers for instance, is produced, with what materials was it manufactured, and all other important questions needs to be answered before eventually choosing a supplier.

 You dig?

  1. Cost

Finally, what is your cost of purchase as a chain pharmacy?

Although, it is quite important to always choose quality over price, the cost of a product should also be an important factor to be considered when faced with the question of how to choose a better incontinent product supplier. Because, in the end, you wouldn’t want to run to loss, you know. Check through several options, which of the supplies offer both quality and affordability?

This simply advises that you choose a supplier whose cost is within your budget. Selah!

The Wrap

Basically, that is all! Choosing a better incontinence product supplier might be very daunting actually. Owing to the wide options put there. However, the best trick to scaling past these hurdles is taking one’s time. Make more research, don’t just jump at a supplier. Do your homework right. Heck through the factors aforementioned, and joggle things side by side. All these would do you nothing but providing you, as a chain pharmacy, with a better supplier of incontinence products.

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