Pay attention to the shelf life of the diaper

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Pay attention to the shelf life of the diaper

shelf life of the diaper

shelf life of the diaper

Diapers seem to be different from milk powder. In fact, they all belong to open and should be used within a fixed time, otherwise they will be considered expired. But compared to milk powder, diapers don’t look so delicate. So how long does the baby diaper expire? Today we are going to talk about the shelf life of diapers.

The use of diapers should also pay attention to the shelf life

The shelf life of diapers is generally 3 years. According to the diapers used, each pack of diapers is printed on a certain date. It is recommended that mothers purchase more “fresh” diapers through regular channels, beware of counterfeiting. The product harms your baby’s health.

In addition, the diaper after the general opening is best used within 2 to 3 months. If it is a humid environment, it should be used as soon as possible. Generally, it will be used within one month. If it takes a long time, it will breed bacteria. If you open the seal for a while, it is best to expose it to the sun before use, which is good for disinfection.

It is recommended that mothers do not hoard a lot of boxes when buying diapers. The brands of different diapers will have some differences in size, etc. Mothers have bought small packages for the baby to wear, if they find it is suitable for the baby, buy enough baby 1 – 2 months of use is acceptable.

Baby diapers purchase attention to 4 principles

In addition to proper preservation, the purchase of baby diapers is correct in relation to the health of the baby. There are four principles for the purchase of baby diapers, namely:

1, the trial principle

Before you decide which diaper is right for your baby, it’s best to choose a small package and evaluate it in terms of comfort, breathability, water absorption, side leakage, and size.

2. Economic principles

Although it is better to be more expensive, there is no need to use price as a measure. Cloth diapers are actually good, as long as the care is right, more snacks, there will be no problems such as diaper rash.

3. Timeliness principle

First, choose the size and tightness of the appropriate diaper according to the baby’s growth. Do not store too much of the same model. The second is to make appropriate adjustments according to different seasons. For example, the summer should be soft, light and breathable, and you can use pull-up pants when going out.

4, the principle of individualization

Each baby’s physical development is different, and the mother should adjust it according to the specific situation of her child. The thighs are thicker and thicker. It is best to choose a large size diaper. If you are active, you should choose a raised waist, elastic waist and side diapers. Pay special attention to the position. The umbilical cord has not fallen off. For babies, you can choose a diaper with a notch at the navel or a umbilical hole.

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