adult nappy adult nappy
adult nappy adult nappy

Adult diaper plus version

Bring more comfortable with adult diaper plus version.

Adult plus diaper is for incontinence regular daycare,it makes you stay focus on your life and job.The powerful material we adopt assure the awkward circumstance disappear ..


  • CE Approval(Technical file and Declaration of Conformity available)
  • Netted Channel
  • Frontal Refasten Tape
  • Standing leak guard for maximum protection
  • High quality wood pulp and super absorbent polymer

Customized packaging available

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Place of Origin:China
Waist Size:28-48/48-58/54-66
Iso Absorbency:1500/1800/1800ml
Application:Men Or Women
Material:Cotton soft non-woven fabrics/Breathable absorbent paper/PE Leakproof membrane