Baby underwear Baby underwear

Baby pants

Bring more comfortable with Edd Feeny baby pants.

473 tests based on 1893 samples we stay our standard before our baby diaper series enter the market,ensure each piece care your baby with all our heart..


  • CE Approval(Technical file and Declaration of Conformity available)
  • more than 13 special patents owner
  • Product line from GDM Italy/ZUIKO Japan/Fameccanica France
  • Polymer water - absorbing resin from Sumitomo and NISSHOKU

Customized packaging available

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Place of Origin:China
Waist Size:28-48/48-58/54-66
Iso Absorbency:1200/1500/1500ml
Application:Men Or Women
Material:Cotton soft non-woven fabrics/Breathable absorbent paper/PE Leakproof membrane