The British government advised the public to wear masks for the first time

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The British government advised the public to wear masks for the first time

UK face mask

UK face mask

In the United Kingdom, like many other Western countries, in their traditional view of hygiene, masks are things that only sick people will wear; wearing masks is also mainly to prevent transmission to others.
And before Monday, senior government officials and scientific advisers, including the Minister of Health, generally stated that protective materials such as masks should be given priority to first-line medical personnel.
However, the number of outbreaks does not wait for others, and the New Corona virus will not go to the door because it does not like to wear a mask.

The death toll exceeded 30,000, the number one in Europe and the number two in the world. It still touched the British society.

Just on Monday, the official website of the British government released the full text of the “Government’s New Crown Outbreak Recovery Strategy” submitted to Congress by Prime Minister Johnson.

In this official “unblocking” guidance document, the public is recommended for the first time to wear masks in public transportation, shops and other “confined spaces where social distance cannot be maintained.”
For the use of medical masks, the document states:
——Surgical masks or respirators used by health care personnel and other staff as part of personal protective equipment. These supplies should continue to be reserved for those in need.

To put it plainly, it is to persuade the people not to rob medical masks with medical institutions.
But to be honest, many people in Europe are reluctant to wear masks, either because they are out of stock or because they are expensive.
Someone asked: What about physical stores? Didn’t you have to buy it?
I recently went to the pharmacy. Not to mention the masks, the thermometers are out of stock.

According to the author’s observation, the price of British medical masks is not the most expensive in Europe: Italy can cost several euros.

The British “Daily Express” reported on Monday:
——A pack of 50 disposable medical masks is being sold through the British Amazon. Members can deliver it for free within three days, priced at £22.75; another pack of 50 pieces is priced at £21.99.

-A six-box washable and reusable mask is being sold for £8.99.

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